This is the Help and Rules page. Please follow these rules promptly. If not, an admin will be notified and the situation will be handled from there.

If you need help with anything, you can contact an admin here.

General Policies

  • Grammar help is always welcome. However, please keep it in the third person (no I, you, etc.).
  • Leaving edit summaries is always helpful, but are technically not necessary. We would like to see how you've been contributing!
  • Please, no vandalism of any pages. We all, as a team, work hard on them.
  • Please, no fanart of any kind UNLESS shown to and approved of  by an admin.
  • Please, no videos UNLESS watched and approved by an admin.
  • Please, no speculation of any kind on an official article. Speculation can be posted in the comments of the article or in a blog post.
  • Please, do not make edits for badges.
  • Please, be effiecient in your editing process. (Example: do not add categories to pages one at a time, look for as many errors on a page as possible, add as much info as you can at a single time, etc.)
  • Please, stick to European names for items and such. Also, please stick to the exact naming in the game (Example: Suckerfish, not Squee-G) or else you get blocked.
  • And please, have fun! Splatoon is only a game, and we all have one thing in common: enjoying it. 

Things That We Need Done

  • Finishing gear pages and adding new ones.
  • DLC Coverage (immediant coverage is always welcome.)
  • Getting ideas for badges!
  • Information on weapons, gear, and music from Updates.