Tentatek Splattershot
Type Shooter
Required Level 4
Cost 2000
Sub Weapon Suction Bomb
Special Weapon Inkzooka
Brand Tentatek

The Tentatek Splattershot is a Main Shooter weapon in Splatoon.


Similar to the Splattershot, the Tentatek Splattershot is an all-around weapon in terms of power, range, and rate of fire, making it easy to use for players of all levels of experience. It comes in a set with the Suction Bomb and Inkzooka.

Weapon Quote

"A slick Splattershot developed in collaboration with top gear brand Tentatek. With all-new options, the Tentatek Splattershot ensures you'll be ready for anything."


  • It was the only weapon available during the E3 2014 Demo.
  • The Octoshot Replica has the same stats, sub and special as the Tentatek Splattershot